A Dive Too Deep

About My New Book “A Dive Too Deep”

How deep is a dive too deep? Deep enough to make a large splash? Or deep enough to completely and permanently paralyze a 24-year-old, newly-married young man?

On July 25, 1964, his dive too deep turned his life and his wife’s upside down. His neurosurgeon was brutally honest and put it this way: “You broke your neck and crushed your spinal cord. You’ve lost movement and sensation in both arms and both legs. You’re totally and permanently paralyzed from your shoulders down.

“You’ll probably never get out bed. If you do, you’ll never walk, and it’s not likely you’ll live much past forty.”
HeBuy Bookaring these crushing words, his mind screamed…

Why me?

Opportunity often comes after a “Why Me” experience!

In this inspiring memoir, Bob tells his story of finding the strength to survive with his disability and the opportunities to strive because of it!


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